The Mei-Ramew Festivals organised every year by the North East Slow Food & Agrobiodiversity Society (NESFAS) in Meghalaya around December promote sustainable local food systems that protect biocultural diversity, local economies and the hope to provide fair and enduring jobs for young people. This year from 3rd - 7th November, NESFAS, The Indigenous Partnership and Slow Food International are organising the International Mei-Ramew gathering, the second edition of the international event Indigenous Terra Madre, which will bring together indigenous peoples from around the world and present them with a unique opportunity to network and share knowledge about food, nutrition and biocultural diversity. The theme of this event is The Future We Want: Indigenous Perspectives and Actions.



Dates Venue Event Participation
3rd Nov 2015 NEHU Opening Ceremony By Invite Only
4th Nov 2015 NEHU Conference Events Delegates Only
5th Nov 2015 NEHU Conference Delegates Only
6th Nov 2015 Various villages Field Visits Delegates Only
7th Nov 2015 Mawphlang Food Festival & Closing Ceremony Open to the Public






  • Department of Arts and Culture, GOM
  • Department of Sericulture, GOM

Host Communities

  • Laitsohpliah, Laitkroh, East Khasi Hills
  • Laitthemlangsah, Laitkroh, East Khasi Hills
  • Dewlieh, Laitkroh, East Khasi Hills
  • Nongtraw, Laitkroh, East Khasi Hills
  • Wahsohra, Laitkroh, East Khasi Hills
  • Laitumiong, Laitkroh, East Khasi Hills
  • Pyrda, Laitkroh, East Khasi Hills
  • Mustoh, Shella Bholaganj, East Khasi Hills
  • Tmar, Pynursla, East Khasi Hills
  • Mawhiang, Mawsynram, East Khasi Hills
  • Nongwah, Mawsynram, East Khasi Hills
  • Rangshangkham, Mawphlang, East Khasi Hills
  • Perkseh, Mawphlang, East Khasi Hills
  • Nongnah, Nongbah, Ranikor, South West Khasi Hill
  • Nongnah, Nongkdait, Ranikor, South West Khasi Hills
  • Nongnah, Nongktieh, Ranikor, South West Khasi Hills
  • Mulieh, Laskein, West Jaintia Hills
  • Mulum, Laskein, West Jaintia Hills
  • Mosakhia, Amlarem, West Jaintia Hills
  • Samanong, Amlarem, West Jaintia Hills
  • Dombah, Mawthadraishan, West Khasi Hills
  • Nongriangka, Mawshynrut, West Khasi Hills
  • Pyndengmawlieh, Mawshynrut, West Khasi Hills
  • Porksai, Mawshynrut, West Khasi Hills
  • Nongmawlong, Mawshynrut, West Khasi Hills
  • Thawkhong, Mawshynrut, West Khasi Hills
  • Langshonthiang, Mawshynrut, West Khasi Hills
  • Nongmawlai, Mawshynrut, West Khasi Hills
  • Nongjaiaw, Mawshynrut, West Khasi Hills
  • Sohliya, Umsning, Ri Bhoi
  • Khweng, Umsning, Ri Bhoi
  • Khlieumstem, Umsning, Ri Bhoi
  • Thadnongiaw, Umsning, Ri Bhoi
  • Liarsluid, Umsning, Ri Bhoi
  • MadanRitiang, Umsning, Ri Bhoi
  • Daribokgre, Samanda, East Garo Hills
  • Chandigre, Rongram, West Garo Hills
  • Sasatgre, Rongram, West Garo Hills
  • Wakringtonggre, Rongram, West Garo Hills
  • Ganol Songma, Rongram, West Garo Hills
  • Rangwakamgre, Rongram, West Garo Hills